Tuesday, 07 February 2012 15:47

What payment gateways are supported?

Be sure to check this list often, as we are always adding support for additional gateways.


GatewaySupported?Support Recurring Billing?
PayPal Website Payments Standard Yes Yes
PayPal Website Payments Pro Yes Yes
Authorize.net Yes Yes
Payflow Pro Yes No
Authorize.net eCheck Yes Yes
Payflow Link Yes No






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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 10:22

Using the Payment Module

The Dponations & Payments component includes a module that can be used to display the donations received.

It automatically updates as payments are made.  It includes a number of options for display:

Show Thermomter:  This option hides or enables the animated thermometer.

Show Text of percent goal?:  This option displays a text summary of the progress toward the set Fundraising Goal

Width: This sets the width of the Flash thermometer

Currency Symbol:  The symbol to use on the thermometer for currency (E.g. $ or EU)

Thermometer Max Value: The highest value that can be represented by the thermometer

Thermometer Scale Markers: This allows you to enter scale values displayed on the thermometer.

Fundraising Goal:  The goal dollar value used when calculating your progress

Show X Recent Donations:  Enter the number of donations to display the actual dollar amounts in text format below the thermometer

Configuration Id(s): This setting allows you to control which payments are displayed on this calculator.  Enter the ID number of the configuration here to filter the payments to a certain configuration.

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