Why is a particular location not appearing?

If you have added a location, and it's not appearing on your locator (E.g. on the map or in the listing) there may be a few reasons why:

  • Has the location been Geocoded,(assigned a latitude and longitude) as indicated by a green checkmark in the geocoded column?
  • Is the location published as indicated by a green checkmark in the Published column?
  • Is the location appropriately tagged to correspond with your menu item settings?  
  • Do your menu item settings include a country selection?  Does the missing location have that same value in it's country field?
  • Does searching for a nearby postal code within a large radius return the location?  Was it properly geocoded?
  • Does keyword searching return the location? Was it properly geocoded?
  • Does the menu item include a tag selection?  Are you sure the location was tagged with that Tag?