Yes, see the setting under Menu Item configuration called

Google Maps Base Language

Supported languages are documented by Google:

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Add this to your CSS

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Thursday, 19 January 2012 10:27

How can I translate the actual location data?

The Locator doesn't provide for translation of the location data (E.g. the address, description etc) through Joomfish or similar language plugin.

To provide your locations in multiple languages, use the Tag feature to create locations by language.

For example, create a Tag called "German" and tag all locations with German translations with the German Tag.  You can then create a new locator, and select German under the "Tags" option. This creates a locator with only German tags.  

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If you need to change default language in the component e.g. "No results found. Please widen your search area or choose a different zip code.".  You can update the language file provided using your FTP client.  

Locator stores all language strings in the Joomla language file.  These files are stored by Joomla according to the language.  For English, see


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Tuesday, 17 January 2012 14:25

How do I change the label of the Tags field?

The TAGs field is so-often renamed that we created a menu item configuration option to change it's value here:

You can also update the language settings in 


Change en-GB to whatever language you're using.

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